You should try these egg recipes: on bread, in soups or as ragout

Not only delicious as fried eggs or omelets: you must try these egg recipes

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Eggs are versatile and multi-talented in the kitchen. They go well with breakfast, lunch or dinner – boiled, poached, scrambled or stuffed. We show you what you can do with chicken products.

Egg dishes are not only suitable as a source of protein, they can also be cooked in a variety of dishes. From classic fried eggs or omelets to egg ragout, as an essential topping in the oriental dish shakshuka or Korean bibimbap. In the gallery you will find great recipes with eggs…

Everyone knows the egg recipe: fried eggs, scrambled eggs or a hard-boiled breakfast egg. And what’s more, they’re healthy too: packed with protein, minerals and vitamins. Another popular recipe for breakfast: omelets, which can be fried in many variations and with a variety of ingredients depending on your taste – including bacon and cheddar.

That’s how you succeed in making the perfect omelette

For the perfect omelette, eggs are mixed with a little sparkling water and breadcrumbs. Now fry the bacon strips in the pan until crispy and remove. Then pour the foamy egg mixture into the pan and fold in the crispy bacon and cheddar on top a few times. Serve with chives or spring onions.

Try avocado eggs

An avocado egg also goes well with breakfast. In addition, the dish with eggs, bacon and avocado is not only healthy and tasty, but a visual highlight. First, the avocados are pitted, some of the flesh removed, and stuffed with strips of bacon and a raw egg. Now bake the avocado eggs in the oven until the eggs are set or reach the desired consistency.

“Strapotsada” from Greece

Scrambled eggs aren’t just scrambled eggs – anyone who’s eaten “strapotsada” in Greece knows this after all. Onion rings are fried, grated tomatoes and fresh herbs are added to this dish, typical of the country. Once the tomato juice has evaporated, the beaten eggs are added to the pan, sprinkled with feta and served hot.

Egg ragout or egg fricassee

A classic home cooking recipe from grandma’s time: egg ragout or egg fricassee. For the dish, which is also very popular with children, vegetable broth is simmered with cream and mustard, carrots, potato slices and hard-boiled eggs are added and seasoned with dill, salt and pepper. Peas, asparagus, kohlrabi, mushrooms and bread cubes are also ideal.

Breaded eggs as a tasty snack between meals

Breaded eggs are a smart idea to snack on between meals or as a side dish. To do this, hard-boiled, peeled eggs are dipped in flour, then in liquid egg, and finally in breadcrumbs or breadcrumbs. In a hot pan with plenty of frying oil, breaded eggs are fried golden brown or baked in the oven until crispy.

Breaded eggs are also popular in the UK. There is a slightly modified version of the recipe. For so-called “Scotch eggs”, hard-boiled eggs are also coated with sausage meat and only then fried. Minced meat, egg yolk, onion and breadcrumbs are mixed together, placed around the egg, dipped in the egg white, breaded and fried until crispy.

Hearty porridge with eggs

Warm oatmeal is eaten for breakfast, especially in Sweden and England. But even in this country, porridge has long been established as a healthy way to start the day. Porridge is usually eaten with honey, fruit or nuts, but it can also be hearty. How about oatmeal with tomato, cucumber, lettuce and poached or boiled egg?

For a hearty variant, oat flakes are boiled not with milk, but with a vegetable broth. Also, bacon is fried, parmesan is grated and eggs are poached or poached (pictured). Then arrange the hardy porridge on the plate, top with the bacon, parmesan and egg and garnish with parsley.

“Kanji” is often served for breakfast, especially in Asia

“Kanji” is often served for breakfast, especially in Asia. It is a digestible rice bowl with vegetables and egg. First, the rice is boiled in a rice cooker with water, salt and dried shiitake mushrooms for about two hours. Poached or hard-boiled eggs, spring onions, coriander and depending on taste, fried onions or chillies complete the dish.

“Shakshuka”: Eggs in a savory sauce

“Shakshuka” is a specialty originally known from North African and Israeli cuisine. For this dish, a sauce made of onion, garlic, paprika, cumin, paprika powder and a can of tomatoes is cooked in a pan. Then beat the eggs and add to the sauce. The dish is baked in the oven until the egg is set.

Eggs are also delicious in soup

Eggs are suitable not only for breakfast or as an ingredient in porridge and sauces, but also in soups. You can cook a vegetable soup with brown rice or noodles and add an egg as a tasty side dish. The poached egg can be sliced ​​open on the plate to add the yolk to the soup. Optionally add fresh spinach leaves.

Egg flake soup is also quick and made with just a few ingredients. For this you cook a simple vegetable broth. Using a whisk, mix the eggs with the flour and water and pour into the hot soup in a thin stream. The egg is then scrambled into the soup, briefly boiled and seasoned with fresh herbs. A slice of sourdough bread goes well with the soup.

Cooked or added later: Eggs are always a special ingredient in soups. This recipe involves adding poached eggs to a pureed pea soup. To do this, bring the onion, peas, some flour and broth to a boil and puree finely with some cream. In addition to poached eggs, blanched snow peas go well with tarragon and chili.

Try the Korean dish “Bibimbap”.

An egg also ends up in the popular Korean dish “bibimbap” – either raw or fried. Besides rice as a base, bibimbap is served in a hot pot with plenty of vegetables like mushrooms, carrots, spinach, pickled cabbage, sprouts, cucumbers, and beef or tofu. The obligatory kimchi and roasted seaweed leaves are a good side dish.

Carbonara: Classic from Italy

An Italian classic should not be missing from the list of best egg recipes: carbonara. The simple pasta dish is usually cooked with spaghetti, but also goes well with other pastas. To do this, fried pieces of ham are mixed with pasta cooked al dente, an egg yolk, salt, pepper, nutmeg, butter and grated parmesan and served immediately.

Delicious dessert made with eggs

This dessert with whipped cream promises to be the highlight of your dinner. To do this, the egg whites are beaten with sugar until fluffy, the berries are placed on the tortilla and topped with a scoop of ice cream and finally covered completely with the beaten egg whites. Then fry the mini ice cream cake on a closed grill for about four minutes until golden brown and serve immediately.

Grandma’s Classic: Eggnog

Although eggnog is one of grandma’s classics, it has long since ceased to be served only with afternoon coffee. For the drink, egg yolks, vanilla pulp and sugar are first mixed with a hand mixer. Next, stir in the condensed milk and whipped cream. The cream is then heated in a water bath, vodka is added and the mixture is bottled.

This article was written by Natalie Cada

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