Verdino Green Foods: Winner of two 2023 PETA Vegan Food Awards

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vegan Verdino “Plant-based like chicken fillet” and vegan’An unfished plant. White fish fillet’ It was awarded the 2023 PETA Vegan Food Award by PETA Deutschland eV.

The startup Verdino Green Foods was twice awarded the 2023 Vegan Food Award by PETA Germany. The specialist in alternative plant-based products won the prestigious award in the categories “Best Vegan Chicken” and “Best Vegan Fish”. With new innovative products, Verdino Green Foods convinced the jury and the community in the election.

“We are very happy that, like last year, we received two awards and we are very grateful to PETA and the German community for this great recognition,” says Raul Ciurtin, founder of Verdino Green Foods. “It’s a reward for the tremendous effort, time and money we’ve put into developing plant-based alternatives to offer consumers a variety of vegan products.”

alternative to verdino meat
Verdino Plant Based Chicken Fillet © Verdino Green Foods

Plant variety and range of growth

Due to its diverse offer, the plant protein food group aims to offer everyone the opportunity to eat plant-based foods. That’s why Verdino is constantly producing innovative products that can quickly and easily offer consumers and restaurants high-protein alternatives to fish, cheese and meat, without sacrificing taste.

Vegan fish and chicken alternatives are on the rise. That is why the sustainable company has focused on this with its new range of products. PETA’s current award is also reflected.

“Verdino Green Foods with shows Like the Verdino plant-based chicken fillet and White fillet of unfished plantfishthat vegan and animal-friendly taste sensations are possible at any time. A purely plant-based diet is enjoyable, creative and sustainable – for people, animals and the environment. We hope that many other companies and brands will follow this forward-looking example and make their own vegan offerings as well. PETA congratulates us for winning the 2023 Vegan Food Awards in the categories “Best Vegan Chicken” and “Best Vegan Fish”, says Harald Ullmann, Founder and 2nd President of PETA Germany.

an alternative to verdino fish
Unfished plant White fish fillet © Verdino Green Foods

The plant-based innovations are manufactured by Verdino Green Foods in Transylvania, home of German-born managing director Eberhart Răducanu. Together with his business partner Raul Ciurtin, Eberhart Răducanu took over the management of a traditional sausage factory in 2018 – and made it completely plant-based. Verdino started three years ago in Romania and has already become the market leader in meat alternatives there. The expansion abroad is now in full swing, having gone after the USA, Spain, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands, Germany and many other countries.

The award-winning products are already available in some Edeka branches in northern Germany and from the wholesaler LFS-Liebing. In Austria Billa, Billa Plus and Pflanzenillan.

“We are convinced that plant-based products are the future,” says Eberhart Răducanu, managing director of Verdino Green Foods. For this reason, the company has recently invested four million euros in product development, building new production lines and the Unfished and Verdino brands.

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