Vegan food award for La Mia Pinsa Dr. Oetker

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dr Oetker has once again received the Vegan Food Award from the German animal welfare organization PETA.

After receiving the “Best Vegan Pizza” award in 2022, the company receives the 2023 Vegan Food Award for “Best Vegan Pinsa”. Since November 2021, Dr. Oetker offers La Mia Pinsa Spinach and receives many positive reviews from the vegan community.

“With Dr. La Mia Pinsa Spinach, Oetker shows that vegan and animal-friendly taste sensations are possible at any time. A purely plant-based diet is pleasant, creative and sustainable – for people, animals and the environment. We hope that many other companies and brands will follow suit to follow this example and also make their range vegan”, says Harald Ullmann, founder and 2nd president of PETA Germany.

dr.  Oetker Pizza
© Dr. Oetker

A new range has been introduced

Animal protection organization Dr. Oetker now for the second time in a row Vegan food award award-winning: La Mia Pinsa Spinach variant, with spinach, diced tomatoes and a coconut oil-based cheese alternative, it can now call itself the “Best Vegan Pinsa”. “Last year we were already able to receive the ‘Best Vegan Pizza’ title for our Ristorante Pizza Margherita Pomodori. We are really happy that their commitment to plant-based alternatives is once again being recognised,” emphasizes Max Steuernagel, Brand Director of La Mia Pinsa Dr. Oetker.

dr In November 2021, Oetker introduced a completely new range that perfectly complements the previous selection of frozen pizzas and tapas. Pinsa’s specialty is its oval-shaped dough, which is made from three types of flour (wheat, rice and spelled flour) and salted dough. This gives the base its character, crispy on the outside and airy on the inside.

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