This is the only way you should eat quince

Quinces are visually reminiscent of pears or apples, but are bright yellow like lemons. What distinguishes them and how to eat quince?

What are quinces?

Quince is one of those almost forgotten fruits that gets too little attention. In terms of size, it resembles a mixture of pear and apple. However, neither with the green nor the red side, but in one bright yellow it attracts attention – like a lemon. Their taste is also located with these fruits, after all they are also related to them. Quince tastes good fruity, aromatic and reminds of a mixture of pear, lemon and apple.

Is quince poisonous?

You should never eat quince raw. They have a very bitter taste, which is said to repel predators in nature. Basically, a very bitter taste in food is often an indication that a food is poisonous. When you eat quince raw, quince pits are responsible for that bitter taste. they have hydrogen cyanide, which is released when the nuclei are not intact. Raw quince seeds can be dangerous to humans. If cyanic acid is absorbed by the body, it inhibits an enzyme responsible for cellular respiration. already one to two milligrams of cyanic acid per kilogram of body weight can lead to suffocation. It seems like a lot, but the children and Dogs are susceptible to poisoning as an adult So eat your quince cooked.

How do you eat quince?

But what is the best way to eat quince? You eat quince the best only when cooked. Before processing the quinces, wash them well. Then you peel it and generously remove the pith. Be careful not to cut the seeds. You prefer to remove the skin because it is tough and bitter. Now you cook the quinces, um Compote, jelly or marmalade to do from there

You should only eat quinces cooked. In their raw state, they can release hydrogen cyanide through their nuclei. In addition to jam or compote, you can also make quince, juice, syrup or ice water. Try and discover delicious recipes. I know how much fruit is healthy without fattening.

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