This is how a smart kitchen works

In a single Kitchen There is a lot of technology today. Smart solutions they are becoming more popular and mature. Almost all suppliers have a wide range of smart products in their range. On the one hand, they are easy to use and practical, on the other hand, they guarantee greater energy efficiency and thus also help to protect the environment.

from THE WAY (Artificial Intelligence) controlled technology makes home life even more comfortable and individual. Practical features can be controlled via apps smartphone correct to the intelligent ones kitchen utensils they are only in addition to devices that can be used Wi-Fi even a smartphone or something tablet necessary

Ob the herd, dishwasher or Fridgeeverything can be handled and controlled intelligently, some devices even with language assistants like Alexa or Google Home.

Hello Google, good morning

An example shows how it works in practice honey. with request”Hello Google, good morning” the following could happen: The coffee machine automatically preheats, the extractor turns on subtle ambient lighting and the sound system plays favorite songs in the kitchen This and much more is over with networked appliances and voice control googleAssistant-enabled devices possible.

Google Home transmits information about program processes and provides notifications when a device terminates. Programs can be started or stopped on command. According to Miele, it will also soon be possible to heat the oven or open the oven door on demand. All smart applications are managed by the system [email protected] allows

In the first half of 2023, Miele will launch its “Smart Food ID“. A high-resolution camera in the oven takes a picture of the food. AI uses image interpretation (computer vision) to recognize the food and suggests the right program – you just need to confirm it on the launch device.

Currently, the system recognizes 25 different foods. means Assistant Chef, the app for Miele induction hobs, step-by-step cooking instructions are provided through the app. The program can also be used with an auxiliary language Amazon, Alexaconnect

Live images from the oven

Smart cooking is also included AEG a topic This is how it rules Steamify® in technology steam oven just the right amount of steam. You choose the temperature and the oven automatically adds the right amount of steam. with me CookView camera you get a live image from the oven directly on your phone and you can use it My AEG Kitchen app finish the cooking process without having to go back to the oven, raise or lower the temperature and much more. All this is also possible through voice control through Google Assistant.

Better knows pot

Within Smart Beyond products backhoe interesting technologies and smart features. The innovator can be found in most Beyond ovens “Aero Perfect”-Technology inspired by aircraft turbines. Beko Grundig Austria AG is cooperating Home Whiz. With the HomeWhiz app, devices can be controlled via smartphone. Smart induction hobs backhoe and electric For example, they detect when there is no cooking on the plate and then turn it off.

Another feature: the flexible cooking zone automatically detects the diameter and position of the cookware placed there and sets the desired temperature there. And that too with unusual tableware shapes. with that HobToHood® fits the hood thanks to the top and bottom assembly infrared sensors ventilation level to active cooking areas only. Mist and steam are removed quickly and with optimal energy consumption.

It’s a smart feature in the field of cooling Fresh Harvest (Law) bzw. Fresh Harvest (Electric rain). It uses three effective colors that mimic natural colors (green, blue and red). The light cycle day, including the dark night phase. This 24-hour day-night cycle creates a natural living environment for fruits and vegetables, vitamins it can be preserved longer fruit and Vegetables stay cool more

The oven itself is cooked

Samsung has Smart Things Home Life he also launched an innovative system. The connectivityHub it connects important household services such as the cook or energy consumption communality The To measurethe oven For example, the Smart Things app offers online features that make cooking easier and more efficient. The AI Function Pro cooking™ knows The ingredients, can optimize the settings and monitor the food while it is cooking to prevent it from being over or undercooked. With Smart Things, the Family Hub™ refrigerator becomes the command center of the home.

Through the language assistant Bixby or through the touch screen you can control smart devices, adjust settings, television, music and the video streaming, but energy consumption can also be optimized. With the Food Cam feature, you’ll always have an overview of the food available, as a camera can see inside. Family Hub™ refrigerators records and displays everything needed on the phone.

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