These sustainability issues are important for Swiss travelers

Which issues related to sustainability do the Swiss attach particular importance to when they travel? The Swiss opinion research institute Kuoni and the market agent investigated this question in February 2023 with a representative survey of German- and French-speaking Switzerland. The result: the most important thing for travelers is to take care of animals and plants at the vacation spot. For 92 percent of respondents, this criterion is essential.

83% of travelers do their part to protect nature and the environment by producing less waste. When traveling by air, 82 percent prefer (not entirely selfishly) direct connections over transfers. Eating locally (77 percent) and shopping (76 percent), using public transportation to a vacation destination (71 percent), traveling less but longer (64 percent), preferring short-haul destinations (63 percent) and choosing to travel sustainably. possible (59 percent) are other points that a clear majority of Swiss take into account.

Offsetting CO2 emissions by supporting climate protection projects is less popular: 44 percent pay a lot or a little attention to it.

Conservation of animals and nature is also expected from the organizers

When respondents were asked what they expected of their tour operators, sustainability, animal and nature conservation, waste and food waste reduction, as well as sea and water protection topped the list.

The Kuoni brands that commissioned the survey are carrying out various projects in these three areas. According to Emma Arvidsson, head of Corporate Responsibility, sustainability efforts are constantly expanding. The animal welfare guidelines of Kuoni and Kuoni Specialists – whose compliance is regularly verified by the destinations’ independent animal welfare experts – have long stipulated that offers that endanger animal welfare, such as elephant rides, should not be offered.

anti-pollution projects

To avoid food waste, Kuoni brands, especially in the company’s hotels, not only raise awareness among guests, but also use measures such as “live cooking” as a supplement to the buffet. DER Touristik Suisse brands are also involved in the protection of the sea and water. For example, Kontiki Reisen supports a project to clean up the coast of Svalbard. Manta Reisen is committed to ensuring that reefs are not compromised when planning resorts in the Maldives. Additionally, Manta Reisen’s Sri Lankan customers receive reusable water bottles to avoid plastic waste.

Kuoni and Kuoni Specialists are aware of their responsibility as tourism operators and are active in many other areas of sustainability. Kuoni is the first major Swiss tour operator to achieve the “TourCert” seal across all brands and is committed to continuous improvement in sustainability performance. An overview of major efforts in the area of ​​corporate responsibility can be found here.

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