These are the best MTB videos of 2022

2022 is fast approaching its end. It’s a good time to review the last 365 days in video form. To make it easier for you to review the MTB video year, we’ve rounded up our 15 video highlights for 2022 in this article. Enjoy watching!

Fabio Wibmer: The Video Game

Attention fans of the GTA video game series: Fabio Wibmer’s video “The Video Game” uses GTA footage and combines it with daring and spectacular bike stunts.

Lief Rodgers: XC is bad

The cross section is often derided and seen as a bit stuffy, especially by mountain bikers in downhill oriented terrain. To counter this rusty mindset, Lief Rodgers turned the gas and style faucet right and produced this small but beautiful video.

Brage Vestavik: The Voice of Pure Mountain Bike Mayhem

It’s well known that Brage Vestavik is just a badass guy and really crazy about bikes. His music video “Sound of Pure Mountainbike Mayhem” has become a real hit again. Enjoy watching.

Kaos Seagrave: Unhinged

Along with his friend Kade Edwards, Kaos Seagrave embodies the next generation of freeracers. The young Brit is not only incredibly fast, but equally stylish. Therefore, it is not surprising that his music video “Unhinged” is also a real feast for the eyes.

Andrea Maranelli: Always Late 2

Nobody likes cold pizza. However, if the pizza guy goes by the name of Andrea Maranelli, you can almost forgive him when you see the style in which he walks up to your door. Always enjoy the late 2.

Jackson Goldstone: First ride in the Santa Cruz V10

Jackson Goldstone’s videos have grown in popularity since they first appeared on the Internet. And for good reason, because now, as then, the young Canadian impresses with his incredibly stylish riding technique. Lift the curtain on your first ride with the Santa Cruz V10 downhill bike.

Brandon Semenuk & Kade Edwards: Parallel II

Only Brandon Semenuk or Kade Edwards are sure to make for a great cycling video. In Parallel II, you can see what happens when you put the two in front of the lens.

The sequel to Tea and Biscuits is still definitely worth a watch if you can spare the necessary spare time. Here you get a 50-minute bike ride with stars like Sam Hill or Jesse Melamed.

Bryn Atkinson: The Gold Standard

All that glitters is not gold, but if you’re looking for an amazing mountain bike video, you’ve come to the right place. Because what Bryn Atkinson delivers in front of the camera is the absolute gold standard.

Brandon Semenuk: Better late

If the style could be patented on a mountain bike, Brandon Semenuk would make a living off the licensing fees. But since this is not possible, the Canadian has to continue producing videos. We are not complaining.

Hugo Frichtalon: TIME

Hardly any launch video wowed us like the one for the new Commencal TEMPO Hugo Frixtalon.

Danny MacAskill: A postcard from San Francisco

We’ve had to wait a long time for a real banger video from Danny MacAskill. But it was worth the wait. “Postcard from San Francisco” is a hit and a must watch!

Governor Höll: A day in Schladming

Vali Höll is not only one of the fastest women in the World Cup circus, but also undoubtedly the most stylish. The young Austrian demonstrates this impressively in his video clip from Schladming.

Slopestyle is an absolutely fascinating mountain bike sport. Unfortunately, it is often difficult for the untrained eye to understand what athletes are actually doing. It’s easy to lose track with the many twists and barspins. This is where slow motion can be a very useful tool. Enjoy slowly.

Peter Kaiser: Ticket S – A Stop Motion Masterpiece

At the end there is a completely different bike video. Instead of action, elegance is the magic word here. Have fun on the couch as Peter Kaiser sets up Trek Ticket S like magic.

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