The waiting time in Furka auto transport has been significantly reduced during the holiday season

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The waiting time in Furka auto transport has been significantly reduced during the holiday season

Based on the knowledge gained over the past few years, the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn (MGBahn) has further optimized the existing processes at the Furka car carrier. Measures were taken to meet the demand as best as possible within the limited infrastructure conditions. This includes, among other things, extending half-hourly service, ensuring high train availability and proactive customer engagement. This reduced the average waiting time of customers by almost 45 minutes.

The number of vehicles transported during the Christmas holiday on the main travel days and holidays (23.12.-27.12.2022, 30.12.22-2.1.23, 7.-9.1.23) remained 16,408 compared to the previous year (16). ‘ 506) is almost identical. And on days when there are wait times, that can be reduced from about 2 hours last year to about 1¼ hours this winter.

There are several reasons for the gratifying decline. On the one hand, due to the “jamming” of those used in road transport, there were very few interruptions in the movement of trains. refurbished locomotives mostly fixed. On the other hand, the half-hourly service that was introduced from Friday to Monday and on public holidays was also introduced on other days when the wagon trains ran every 30 minutes instead of the scheduled hourly service.

For road days, which the practice has shown to be in particularly high demand, MGBahn informed customers, media and partners the day before that there could be more traffic in road transport. they should inform themselves before starting their journey Road Transport Site provide information on current status of wait times and use early morning or evening connections if possible. In addition, the current status of effective waiting times (30 minutes / 1 hour / 1.5 hours and vice versa 1.5 hours / 1 hour / 30 minutes) is promptly and regularly published in traffic reports and on the Internet.

A waiting time of more than 2 hours occurred only in Oberwald on January 2. Additional staff were deployed to better manage traffic flow on days of peak demand and longer wait times. In addition, employees distributed 3,000 cookies each at the loading points in Oberwald (VS) and Realp (UR) during the holidays, which was very well received by the guests.

Since the single-track Furka Tunnel is fully utilized by regional traffic, Glacier Express and road traffic, and no more trains can be used due to the length of loading ramps and tracks, MGBahn has deliberately focused on optimizing existing processes and being proactive. customer communication. Even with longer wait times, which are understandably unpleasant for customers, this approach has paid off. This is against the backdrop of overall very high demand – 272,992 vehicles were transported by Furka road transport in 2022, which is the second-highest figure after the corona-related record year of 2021 (291,670).

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