The “Peta” organization gives the Vegan Food Awards

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Some vegan or vegetarian products are based on their models today and almost look like meat. PETA has now given vegan food awards to meat substitutes.

For many people, vegan or vegetarian meat alternatives are a great way to avoid animal products. Some alternatives are very close to animal meat. PETA therefore gives out the Vegan Food Awards and chooses the winners.

PETA honors vegan products

The animal rights organization PETA also presented the Vegan Food Award in 2023. Environmentally friendly and plant-based products have already received the award in recent years. The vegan grilled cheese from Simply V and the vegan gourmet fillet from Fisch vom Feld received the award last year.

This year there was also a small surprise, because a discounter was also able to convince in the Vegan Food Award. Discounter Lidl won PETA’s award for best vegan range. Last year, Lidl’s own brand Vemondo received the Vegan Food Award.

“Best Vegan Meat”

The Green Mountain brand’s plant-based pepper medallion was awarded this year in the “Best Vegan Meat” category. Harald Ullmann, founder and second president of PETA Germany, explained in a press release: “Green Mountain shows with its plant-based pepper medallions that vegan and animal-friendly taste sensations are possible at any time. It’s a pleasant, creative and sustainable plant-based diet. , for people, animals and the environment.”

He also added: “We hope that many other companies and brands will follow this forward-looking example and make their range vegan too.” For a long time, many food manufacturers also offer vegan or vegetarian alternatives. The market is subject to constant growth.

More vegan winners

PETA awards Vegan Food Award to Hope’s Vegan Mozzarella. According to PETA, the best vegan Camembert is “Cashewrella”. The manufacturer Noa received the award for the best vegan cheese slice.

Neggst was cleaned in the egg area. According to PETA, the best vegan honey is Vegablum Wonig. Iglo Green Cuisine Vegan Chicken Dinos were voted the best vegan nuggets. According to PETA, the best kebab comes from Planted.

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