The climate protection project “Food for Future Freiburg” enters the next round – Freiburg

The culinary climate protection project “Food for Future Freiburg” promotes climate-friendly food. There is also a traveling exhibition.

The municipal environmental protection agency and the Freiburg nutrition board are organizing the climate protection project “Food for Future Freiburg”. They work with restaurants, canteens and cafes. When they go out to eat, the guests are informed about the climate emissions of the dishes, and in this way they must be aware of the issue of sustainability. According to the environmental protection agency, restaurants should benefit from sharpening their sustainability profile.

Climate-friendly barbecue courses

The project, which started last summer, is already reporting initial success: in partnership with the adult education center in Freiburg, climate-friendly barbecue courses were offered and during the campaign week with canteens in Freiburg, CO.2 saved Now the project enters the next round: A traveling exhibition wants to convey the connection between food and climate. Schools, clubs, restaurants, canteens and individuals can borrow. The contact person is Lea Bartels (0176/23621312 [email protected]; , Tuesday and Wednesday, 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.). The exhibition can be found at be reserved

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