That’s what you eat on Good Friday: protein power and slimming food

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Traditional Easter cuisine
Protein power and slimming food: that’s what you eat on Good Friday

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It puts a smile on our faces: Fresh fish and colorful vegetables.

Have you always wondered how to serve Easter? A tip: There is no one Easter dish – different rules apply each day. And that’s what you eat on Good Friday.

The days from Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday are the high point of the church year, as Easter is the biggest Christian festival. There will be holidays – and the week before Easter, which begins with Palm Sunday
Easter called The sixth day of Easter is Good Friday. Christians remember the suffering of Jesus there. The name Good Friday is derived from Middle High German char or Dude ab, it was grief or
lament means And like many holidays, some traditional dishes are also offered on Good Friday. And that’s what you eat on Good Friday. We give one tip in advance: it’s a day of light, fast and healthy gourmet cooking. Also a great option for our slim line. Of course, we have the right recipes from BILD der FRAU. A tip: the dishes also have an Easter flavor.

Protein power and slimming food: that’s what you eat on Good Friday

Good Friday is in many regions and cities silent holiday, where music and dance events are not allowed. So we stay at home and think about what we can cook deliciously. On this day, it is customary to avoid meat and eat fish. Our anticipation increases because we like to enjoy the river, the lake or the sea. We recommend some great low-calorie fish recipes:

Fish can also be slimmed down and taste really good at the same time! So goodbye dieting and giving up. But one thing is essential: freshness and quality are the key and last of this high-quality, protein-rich natural product, reason enough to pay attention to these qualities when you go shopping. With your newly acquired knowledge, you are now in the best position to ensure that only excellent merchandise is served. The German Nutrition Association recommends eating fatty marine fish such as herring, salmon or mackerel once or twice a week. Many studies show that herring is very healthy. At BILD der FRAU we are good not only in theory, but also in practice. The fish dishes in our photo gallery are suitable for all occasions. See for yourself:

Grilled, fried or steamed: fish is in demand all over the world. Especially because of the high omega-3 fatty acids, nutritionists are fascinated. Polyunsaturated fatty acids protect our heart and blood vessels, and also lower blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels. You can learn more about healthy fat in the video. Movie:

This is what you eat on Good Friday: fish, fish and more fish! We wish you a happy and peaceful Easter with family and friends.


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