simplePlant and Hobenköök launch their first proprietary circulation system for organic vertical farming in hydroponics

SimplePlant founders Ben Märten, Pablo Antelo Reimers and climate activist Felix Witte together with Eva-Keretic, Anna-Krol from the Hamburg Economic Authority and Thomas Sampl Hobenköök owner © simplePlant

Vertical farming is one of the most promising the solutions, to be as profitable as possible and independent voin the environment, to grow food What so far only Mineral fertilizers it’s done now also biological possible. Because on Tuesday consecrate The beginning of Hamburgup simplePlant togetherone of mine there Hobenköök the first circulatory system for organic vertical farming in the train hall next to The better ones a and go with it After the next launch and further development of smartGärten step

Before they were not alone The young entrepreneurs of simplePlant around Ben Märten and the head chef of Hobenköök, Thomas Sampl, but also Anna Krol of Hamburg Economic Authority and ClimateActivist and project manager of the Future Food Campus Eva Keretic.

There are almost eight billion people living in the world and they need to be supplied with food become At the same time, the areas used for agriculture are decreasing due to the increase Urbanization and crop yields decrease through going up environmental disasterchicken due to climate change. Creative solutions are needed. One of them: Vertical Agriculture In multi-storey systems become the plant including under Greenhouse conditions with LEDLight and cultivated in hydroponics. In that resource efficiencyt high crop yield can be achieved to save space. Downside: there beim Vertical Agriculture in hydroponics If mineral fertilizers are used, systems are applied not as an organic product.

simpleplant vertical farming
© simplePlant

Therefore, a new concept for organic vertical farming is needed: DHere comes the solution where From the beginning in Hamburgigo simplePlant and Hobenköök, both regional value partners AG Hamburg. SmartGärten, smart, after a successful start Grass bed for the house, making simplePlan your next step Towards a revolution in the food industry. In cooperation be all three Together with the young entrepreneurs Ben Märten, Felix Witte and Pablo Antelo Reimers Thomas Sampl, Hobenköök Culinary Team Chef, a special circulatory system createn: die Hobenköök he uses his the leftovers in the name Bokashi cubes also Japanese compost bins to organicfertilizer. The juice produced is the base for the simplePlant system. in the sameSt develop Creator filter system is created from there one bioThat hydro fertilizer the plant given.

Because of the climateActivist Eva Keretic hat the project is of particular importance: “Vertical agriculture is a priority especially for cities solution, one local to prproduce And for has profit is well also has fertilizer responsible What simplePlant and Hobenköök create here is even more beautiful. with that dem bioFertilizers make vertical farming even more sustainable and enable organic products.’

Tuesday morninge the system was ceremonially launched by the developers. Find bioponicsFarm in Oberhafen track hall in The best of us It should objects of high expectations find a place: “I’m very happy that we have a place He found the first system of simplePlant and Hobenköök in the track hall. This Platz should for startup.s how simplePlant we hadnow become whose Goal es is, die diet transition bring and the same with renewable raw materials to keep busy,” says Thomas Sampl, Chef Cuisinier and the owner The best of us

simplePlant founders Ben Märten, Pablo Antelo Reimers and Felix Witte © simplePlant

In what Hobenköök is still a pilot project, it should be later on other facilities as well enablein the yearEssensrecycle the leftovers and use them to create new plants. The it is not only sustainable and organic, but also an efficient and profitable use of resources: With me BioponicThe farm will be 90% less water and neraw materials consumed if usually field cultivation of plants. In fact, it is five times more harvest than usual Agriculture possible

For Ben Märten, managing director and one of the founders of simplePlant, the project is just beginning: “WWe are happy, together with Hobenköök, to take the first step for organic vertical farming. What is currently being tested here in the pilot project it can be customized in size for any organization, whether it is a restaurant or nott school supplies or The coffee shop“, says Marten.

Therefore, the circulatory system is biological not only a solution to increase profits and provide basic supplies to the population, but also a permanent individual contribution to organizations andd facilities to it Of course, the city of Hamburg is also interested, because it’s foodThe cluster should in the future increase become: “Ideas and innovations how this, to adapt perfect to has Future dreams of the city of Hamburg. We are more in line with that stept one of the foodsExpand clusters and promote new projects“says Anna Krol, project manager Food Clusters of the Hamburg Economic Authorityde.

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