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Food and energy are becoming increasingly expensive, and hot meals are often difficult to afford, especially for people with little money. So Newweed now has “soup for everyone”.

The name of the project is “Eat and Cool” – meaning “Eat and live longer”. According to their own statement, the parishes in the city of Neuwied are following the example of other nationwide initiatives that help people in need during the cold season. The main reason for this is increased food prices and expensive heating costs, the evangelical pastor told SWR. The Catholic Parish of St. Matthias emphasizes that all are cordially invited.

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Neuwied’s “soup for all” project has yet to become well known

However, on Monday’s opening day, only two women took advantage of the offer. One of them said he had read about the project and was intrigued. He has only a small pension and therefore thinks that parishes support people with little money.

He also thinks it would be nice to eat with friends. Because parishes also want to ensure that people can experience more community. They also want to promote the project more.

Everyone is invited to “Soup for All” at Neuwied.

The “Soup for All” project is organized by two parishes in Neuwied. They said it was to “share what we had and spend the rest of the winter safely.” There should be no tests for visitors, as was the case with the TOEFL support agency’s proposal.

Hot soup, hot drinks and company are now available every weekday from noon to 2pm. Mondays and Tuesdays in the Evangelical Parish Hall in the Marktkirche in Neuwied and Wednesdays to Fridays in the Matthiaskirche Parish Hall.

In the “Kitchen for All” campaign, volunteers cook vegan meals from donated food and distribute the food to the people of Koblenz.


Also in Koblenz, volunteers cook for people for little money

Also in Koblenz, volunteers take care of people for a small amount of money who are happy for a free meal. Once a month, the young people cook a warm meal especially for the “Kitchen for All” project, which they distribute free of charge in the city center of Koblenz.

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