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Status: 03/31/2023 06:00 am

Favorite books, new releases, bestsellers: eat.READ.sleep with podcasts. We give tips and guidance.

After the literary appetizer, Katharina Mahrenholtz, Daniel Kaiser and Jan Ehlert present current new releases and favorite books. For the bestseller challenge, read the current top ten titles – don’t pinch, candid opinions are welcome!

With quizzes everyone can test their literary knowledge and collect fun facts for the next party. There are also interviews with book people and insights from the book industry.

current episode

current episode

Daniel and Katharina have a spoiler problem and Lisa Kogebon explains that the translation is written with a safety net. more

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Hosts of food.READ.sleep: Daniel Kaiser (from left), Katharina Mahrenholtz and Jan Ehlert © NDR / Christian Spielman Photo: Christian Spielman

Are you interested in novels, bookish people and literary small talk? Now there’s something new: our eRs newsletter! more

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A map as an overview of eating.  © NDR

Do you like to discuss books, love good food and sleep? Here you will find an overview of all eat.READ.sleep. more

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Tell us what you think about the NDR Books Podcast: We welcome feedback, positive suggestions, and we welcome criticism. Then we can eat. READ. sleep. Optimize for you. visit usFeedback-formula.
You are welcome to email us your all-time favorites, questions, etc.: eatreadsleep@ndr.de.

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