PETA’s 2023 Vegan Food Awards: Here Are the Winners

Many new vegan products come to market every year. More and more companies are realizing that the demand for animal and environmentally friendly alternatives is growing rapidly. In 2023, PETA Germany will once again show which companies, brands and products enrich vegan cuisine with the Vegan Food Award.

“Special Prizes” category

This year, Lidl was able to impress with its extensive vegan range and won the award in the “Best Vegan Range” category. We honored the new plant-based brand Transgourmet as “the best vegan brand”, which proves that plant-based cooking is also gaining momentum in the gastronomy and collective hospitality industry. As the best vegan innovation, our panel of judges awarded vegan cheese maker Dr. Mannah for her ‘Baking Delight’, a vegan Cauliflower Camembert batter.

“Meat, fish and sausage” category

Vegan alternatives to meat and fish products are still in high demand. Starting a vegan diet is very easy and traditional recipes are ideal for veganization. This year’s winners in this category are:

“Camembert, Mozzarella and Cheese” category

For many people, a good alternative to cheese is especially important when switching to a vegan diet. Fortunately, there are now plenty of delicious alternatives to all types of cheese: from cream cheese and sliced ​​cheese to mozzarella and parmesan to camembert and cream cheese. Here are the tastiest vegan cheeses of 2023:

Butter, egg and honey category

Vegans can still enjoy scrambled eggs, cakes and honey bread – only in a vegan version. New alternatives to eggs and egg dishes are constantly being launched, and vegan alternatives to butter and honey are also filling the shelves. We’ve had three award-winning products we love:

“Fast food, meals and frozen” category

Vegan chicken nuggets, vegan bacon – there is no meat product without an animal-friendly alternative. Even vegan fast food lovers get their money’s worth thanks to the wide range of alternatives. This year’s winners in this category are:

“Dips, Paste and Mayo” category

Of course, vegan sauces and dips should not be missing from the Vegan Food Awards. From perfect mayonnaise to vegan foie gras, we’ve honored some amazing winning products:

Snacks, sweets and ice cream category

Those who like to eat snacks and sweets have a good choice. Because there is a large offer of vegan sweets such as chocolate. Perhaps the choice will become easier with the introduction of the Vegan Food Awards. Here are our favorite products:

“Drinks & Shots” category

As a final category, we have awarded the best vegan drinks, such as plant-based drinks. Here, too, are innovative new products you should try:

Vegan food award: selection criteria and previous years’ winners

Vegan food award evaluation process

A total of 205 different current vegan products from the retail, hospitality and food industries were submitted to PETA for the fifth annual Vegan Food Awards. All products are declared vegan and marked as such in the product range. Dishes that were not ready to eat were first prepared according to package instructions. The PETA panel tested the products for taste, consistency, smell and appearance before and after preparation. In addition, it has been verified that the information on the packaging and the preparation recommendations are correct, complete and clear. Other criteria were sustainability, level of innovation and vegan marketing. Vegan certification by an aggregated institute was also positively assessed.

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