“Neukirchen Grillt” will be held this weekend

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In Neukirchen, it’s all about barbecuing at the weekend. © Jörg Döringer

The event will begin on Saturday, April 1, at 6:00 p.m. According to the announcement, DJ steilhoch3 is DJing at Long-Pont-Platz. Entry is free.

Neukirchen – This coming weekend, April 1st and 2nd, in Neukirchen everything will be about the barbecue. Visitors to the “Neukirchen Grillt” can see a wide variety of tastes.

From bratwurst, currywurst, french fries, hot dogs and potato pancakes, to street food, potatoes with mettwurst, tarte flambée, pulled beef, pulled pork burgers and meat skewers. Sauces and dips, antipasti, spreads, grilled vegetables, flatbread, Schwalm hot dogs, tornado fries and churros should also be served.

The Landhotel Combecher, for example, has beef from its own farm fresh from the smoker, with direct cooking. Greek specialties are made in Taverna Hèllas, today there is Greek bratwurst.

A fair attracts visitors, and clubs are also introduced. The fire brigade is there with a display of vehicles, the animal welfare association in Neukirch offers potato pancakes with applesauce at its information stand.

Little Red Riding Hood country is also introduced. As part of the cooperation between the municipalities, the employees of Oberaula and Neukirchen will take part in this stand.

The children’s play area is located again in the market square: children’s carousel, bouncy castle, paper balloons, toys and sweets. The Red Cross, the local Neukirchen association, is also located here.

The rifle club in Neukirch presents a new light rifle and light pistol system with a stand. Shooting is completely harmless with lighting technology.

Kindergarten Klingelbach will also be there with an offer of Easter pastries. Some streets will be closed for the fair. sro

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