Moosberg: “International Family Festival” with France – Freising

The Tenth Barn event, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, is dedicated to the culture and cuisine of neighboring countries on October 3.

Moosburg is home to people from over 100 countries. It will be a while before the “Initiative Experience Culture” presents all countries in its “International Family Festival”. But the volunteer organizers who set up the event at the tithing barn with the support of the town of Moosburg can at least celebrate an anniversary this year. For ten years now, on October 3, they have been examining a country or region from which people living in Musburger come from. Next Monday from 2pm to 6pm the tithe barn and everything around it revolves around neighboring France. “With music, dance, information, food and drink and popular workshops for children, this is another festival for young and old,” organizers promise.

As per the announcement, the highlight of the event is the performance of artistes on the culture stage at Tithi Barn. “The legendary high-energy can-can is almost synonymous with France. The dance dates back to the 19th century and, like the dance group, has never lost its popularity. Dixie Dynamite will prove,” wrote the “Initiative Experience Culture” in its statement Trio at Montparnasse Take you to the world of chansons, musette waltzes and tangos: “These ironic-evocative, often critical, sometimes cheeky, slightly sentimental and melancholic songs are unmistakably French, sensual and joyful with a sound that is addictive.”

And then there’s the mighty German-French choir from Munich, which will bring 16 singers to the stage. It has become a tradition at international family festivals that a bridge is always built with Bavarian culture. This time Zitherclub is responsible for Musberg. All the artistes perform for the first time from 2 pm and take the stage again after a break around 4 pm.

Workshops and a culinary journey

Little visitors can do handicrafts with Rita Thomas or draw and paint with Zlatica Susec in two workshops. For the older ones, Hans Rieff and his team are in front of the tithe barn with their coal fire, where you can try your hand at netting. Culinary specialties range from Lorraine and its quiche Lorraine to boeuf bourguignon (beef stew in red wine) in Burgundy to tartiflette (potato and cheese casserole) in Savoy. According to the organizers, “an autumn soup de potimaron (Hokkaido soup), crepes and a cake buffet, but sausages for children complete the tour offer.” This year the beverage selection will be expanded with select French wines. All food and beverages are offered at family-friendly prices.

Entry to the International Family Festival is free. All information is available online

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