Listeria in cheese: Recall the current Gorgonzola at Kaufland

  • current remembering food in Kaufland
  • Listeria has been detected in cheese
  • The manufacturer urgently warns against consuming Gorgonzola
  • Risk especially for risk groups

to the shop Kaufland has it on Wednesday, April 5, 2023a product recall published As a company based in Neckarsulm (Baden-Württemberg). communicatesis 200 gram package of one type of cheese affected They were in the product listeria– Bacteria have been found.

Kaufland has recalled Gorgonzola: This product is damaged

According to Kaufland, the VIP manufacturer (Vertrieb Italiener Food Produkte GmbH) is recalling this product for consumer protection reasons:

  • K-Favoritoak Gorgonzola DOP mild 200g
  • GTIN 4337185458781
  • best before date: 2023-04-10
  • The product was in Kaufland next the states sell:
    • Baden-Württemberg
    • Bayern
    • Hesse
    • North Rhine-Westphalia
    • Rhineland-Palatinate
    • get in

the reason for that precautionary recall According to Kaufland, the damaged product belongs to Detection of Listeria Monocytogenes. Due to possible health risks, VIP Sales Italian Food Products GmbH advises “urgent refusal to consume the product“.

Warning against the consumption of cheese – especially dangerous for risk groups

listeria It can lead to a flu-like illness with symptoms like diarrhea and fever, Kaufland explained. This usually happens within 14 days.

Especially pregnant women, the elderly and people with a weakened immune system can do it more severe course of the disease they develop with blood poisoning and meningitis. Pregnant women who have eaten cheese with the affected date should inform themselves seek medical treatment even without symptomsadvises the company.

Kaufland reacted immediately and the affected products as a precaution excluded from sale. The product can be returned in all Kaufland branches, the purchase price will be refunded, even without presenting the receipt. The manufacturer VIP Sales Italian Food Products GmbH apologizes to all those affected by the inconvenience caused.

In fact consumer inquiries it’s under +49 (0)7062 91634 Number 44 one free phone Available at Kaufland.

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