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Kashundi Macher Paturi This is a traditional Bengali recipe that uses any fillet of white fish (preferably Bhetki or Swai or The work) or shrimp or dead wrapped in a banana leaf. Word the beds It comes from the Bengali word “Pat”, means leaf and “maker” means fish in Bengali. In this unique style of cooking, the ingredients are wrapped in leaves and steamed or grilled.

Leaves inside the beds they are used in cooking, the leaves play an important role, because when steamed, they increase the flavor of the dish. Almost all Bengali celebrations or good old Bengali restaurants are without it the beds incomplete

Banana leaves are an important part of Indian cuisine and rituals. The use of banana leaves to wrap ingredients in cooking is common in other cultures as well, not just traditional Bengali cuisine. Thai, Parsi, Caribbean and Mexican cuisines abound in recipes that use banana leaves to wrap the main ingredients marinated in various spices.

the bedsa very simple yet versatile and tasty dish, it is said to have originated in Dhaka, but today it is recognized as one of the typical Bengali dishes prepared on special occasions and celebrations.

The fish pieces are marinated in a spiced mustard paste, individually wrapped in leaves, and then slowly cooked until tender. Some people prefer to steam the fish, while others prefer to fry it in a pan or grill.

The key element of this delicious fish recipe is marinating the fish with a mixture of spices and mustard paste known as Bengalan. Shorshe baata familiar and gives it an amazing taste. In my family we prefer it with homemade spicy Kashundi and like the fried version of these delicious fish packets and spicy mustard sauce.

the components Kashundi Macher Paturi

Fish – I would dead or Bhetki Use fish, but here in Germany I find red snapper or char slices are good substitutes.

Kashundi Kashundi It is the Indian version of mustard sauce. The fruity and spicy notes of this mustard make it a perfect candidate for dressing marinades for meat, fish and salads.

Kashundi it can be prepared at home without much effort. The recipe is simple and only takes 17 minutes to mix and cook all the ingredients.

yogurt – Use Greek yogurt or full-fat yogurt for a thick, creamy marinade.

banana leaves – Banana leaves are rich in antioxidants that can help prevent or delay cell damage. They contain many polyphenols that are ingested from food. They help to neutralize free radicals that can be harmful in our body.

The leaves have antibacterial properties that make them effective against microorganisms present in food. In addition, leaves are a much more ecological solution than plastic cutlery. Removes dust and dirt from the waxy coating on the leaves.

However, if you can’t find banana leaves, you can also use parchment paper.

Mustard oil – Mustard oil comes in two varieties, filtered and refined. If you are using strained mustard oil, you must first heat it until it reaches the burning point and then let it cool completely before using it.

If you use the Nifty variant (which I recommend), you can use it right away. Either way, you should use mustard oil that is specifically labeled for cooking.

Green chilies – You can adjust the amount of green chillies according to your taste and level of spiciness.

serving up suggestions
Kashundi Macher Paturi It is a wonderful dish, both in terms of taste and presentation. Serve the fish still wrapped in the leaf. This steamed fish recipe is very light and healthy and is best served with steamed rice. As soon as the hot packets are opened, the intoxicating aroma of fish and mustard fills the air and makes for an impressive start to the meal.

retention suggestions
Too much Kashundi Macher Paturi To store, first bring them to room temperature in the banana leaf container. Place the pieces in a single layer in an airtight container and refrigerate. Consume within two days. Do not open the leaf before eating.

Where is the recipe?
You can find the recipe link on my Instagram profile @todayma-in India or directly on my food blog below Kashundi Macher Paturi

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