Hosts and authorities are still stuck

Since the beginning of the year, many restaurants and shops have had to offer reusable containers for take-out food as an alternative to disposable plastic containers. There is a problem with the setting. A Hessian inventory.

die Obligation of reusable offer in hospitality it enters Hesse only three months after its entry into force slow forward The authorities have so far been reluctant to carry out checks and also setting they appear in restaurants and cafes “rough edges”again The CEO of Dehoga Hess industry association, Oliver Kasties, said the German Press Agency. Also demand for reusable containers it’s been manageable on the guest side so far.

die The reusable offer obligation applies from January 1. Catering establishments and supermarkets that sell takeaway food and drinks must therefore offer their products in reusable containers. Single-use plastic containers are to be replaced. However, the same product in reusable containers should not be more expensive than in disposable containers. excepted are smaller shops such as snack bars and kiosks, with a maximum of five employees and a retail area of ​​more than 80 square meters. Violations can result in fines of up to 10,000 euros.


Obligation of reusable offer

Environmental support requires improvements

German Environmental Aid (DUH) is calling for improvements to the law after detecting further violations of the obligation to provide reusable products in the hospitality industry during test purchases.

Difficult implementation

Although the hospitality industry is in favor of avoiding plastic, news has proved it In practice the regulations are somewhat difficult as well. So exist about clear hazards of hygiene liability when handling containers that consumers bring to stores to fill themselves. The industry has questions for the Federal Ministry of the Environment. Added to that Various reusable isolation solutions, which made it difficult to return empty reusable containers. In principle, however, Kasties sees “the great possibility that one-way traffic will be completely prohibited in the medium term”.

He had the last one German environmental aid has Dehoga’s attitude is too defensive in the multi-way bid obligation accused. Restaurants and supermarkets, which bottle food for consumption there, have had enough time to adapt to the new regulations, the association confirmed last week and reported other violations of the law found during test visits. Kasties referred to as “it’s unfortunate that environmental organizations act like this.” Instead, they should join the hospitality industry.


Obligation to return | please

“It often happens this way”

From the industry’s point of view, the obligation to provide reusable packaging, which has been in force since the beginning of the year, has so far produced little change.

Authorities give companies time to adapt

both the authorities you show yourself meanwhile still waiting So far there has been no control, that explains it Giessen Regional Council. “It’s a new regulation that gastronomy should also adapt to”. It can be seen that this is happening more and more and many reusable systems are being marketed. Companies that do not comply with their obligations will first be notified of the legal regulations. “Only as a last resort, if a company refuses to comply with the obligation to provide reusable alternatives, despite detailed explanations and repeated requests, the option to initiate an administrative offense file will be used.”

Also the spokesperson Darmstadt regional council He declared that he was one “currently still in the reconnaissance phase”. If there are indications of violations, they are also investigated. The first thing to do is to provide information and education before starting the administrative infringement procedure. Experience has shown that the implementation of obligations varies from region to region. Some companies deal with it “constructively”, “others seem to take it upon themselves”, said the spokesperson. Reliable figures are not available at the moment.


The trouble shooter

What multiple paths mean for tax

It doesn’t matter if it’s the cost of one’s own vessels or the rates of the pool solution – there are a few things to consider from a tax point of view.

Tick Hessian Ministry of the Environment it was said the implementation of the regulations “It’s a major challenge” for hospitality and commerce.. For this reason, together with Dehoga Hessen, “a brochure was prepared in advance and presented at several events”, according to the ministry. “The hospitality industry was proactively informed early on and shown options for implementation.” Now the aim should be “to quickly and generally implement the regulations to be applied”.

Currently, the obligation to also offer reusable ones is limited to shops that sell single-use drinking cups or plastic containers. From the Ministry’s point of view, alternatives should also be explored for other mandatory reusable materials, so that suppliers do not switch to disposable containers such as cardboard.

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