Greenforce has won a PETA Vegan Food Award for its vegan bacon bits


FoodTech startup Greenforce from Munich was able to die The jury of LHFORWARD vegan Food Awards for innovative plant-based bacon alternative. die Greenforce Bacon the bits became if “Better vegan bacon” before allen others competitors excellent. One has the main the criteria to win according to the jury has real smokyspicy bacon flavor, has in Greenforce quite without flavor enhancer or preservatives he gets

In addition in the year Things innovation could has grass Type good pea base convince: through die encore from The water and oil develop die Bacon the bits die usual texture and can after how has of the flesh The pendant in the year has pan burnt become. Dnamely The products are work permanent and in to use simply for has Condition divisible.

peta vegan food award

“Greenforce the shows with seinan vegan Bacon bits, that grass and pets allowed taste sensations anytime possible are One the kingdom vegan the diet is nice, the creator and consistent for Man, level and Environment. We hope, that a lot further on Continue and Mthe sheets this setting trends Example consequences become and the same The offer also vegan send a message PETA congratulations for the profit of vegan Food the prizes 2023 in the year has Category “Better vegan Bacon“!“, so Harald Ullmann, co-founder and 2. the president from PETA Ofutchland.

“We are quite in particular stolz, that where already for the second Mal one ours The products with has PETA vegan Food Prize excellent became” it indicates the same Thomas Isermann, the creator has Greenforce the future Food AG. “Behind in each onem ours Meanwhile 70 The products standing a big team, has above a lot Sweet outside research develop and finally die Idea the reality become leaves such the prizes are that’s why also always one size recognition for ihre innovative Work”.

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