For any kind of business reaching the public is the main motto, in this case, in reaching the public your brand style guide helps you that you know? If not, then get to know about how to create a brand style guide. This brand style guide is going to explain the goal, vision, and values of your brand to the content designers. To explain your elaborative, things are explained below go through them.

Brand style guide

content designerGenerally, the people find the brand of the company by looking into the logos and designs of them, in this case, think how important your company logo, font, and other things are. The brand style guide is like a rulebook that explains how you are looking to promote your business through a unique logo, content, photographs, fonts, and other relevant things to the content creators. Only these brand style guide can explain to the content creators how to design your company content, it is more important than anything because only when they get the point they are creating a brand style based on your need. So get to know what your brand style guide should be contained with;

Here are the tips of making great brandbook, just follow this step-by-step instruction and design the great brand book.

Selection of format

The first thing you have to do is decide the format based on your need, resources, and time and then design the brand style book which can be easily distributed to your content designer. Remember, the brand book you have created should explain everything, in this case, if you prefer you can make a short video format.

Mention your demands

After deciding the format of the handbook you have to think about your requirements for promoting your brand. Because not all the business is the same or not all the business holders’ needs are the same, so according to your business type you have to mention all your demands in the brand book. Remember it should include the goal, massage, values, purpose, and mission of your business. Along with this, you can add company history and any other relevant information you are looking to have on your site.

Visual guidelines

Designing plays a crucial role in brand success, so your visual guidelines should be contained with color, font, typography, photography, illustrations, and logos of your brand that guide the content creators to create the best site for your business.

Final words

To make a better understanding you can create the brand guidelines with examples and these are the basic things your brand book should be contained with.