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  • These are the best foods of 2023
  • Category 1: Snack
  • Category 2: Breakfast
  • Category 3: Lunch
  • Category 4: Dinner

It’s finally here again: over the course of many weeks, we’ve seen, prepared and tested countless shipments. All applicants wanted to get their hands on one of our Good Food prizes – 20k ended up getting it. The Best Food of the Year Award has been given by Women’s Health and Big Brother Men’s Health since 2015.

These are the best foods of 2023

The main focus of the jury, made up of nutrition editors and ecotrophologists, has been delicious and healthy innovations in the food industry in the snack, breakfast, lunch and dinner categories.

Category 1: Snack

4 innovative sweets take away the small hunger in between:

Christian Lohfink

Snack category winner

Surprisingly, these bars contain vegetables instead of fruit. Impact: less than 2.5 grams of sugar per piece. Available in two delicious flavors: Beetroot Cocoa and Carrot Ginger.

Made with vegan organic ingredients and fair trade cocoa. Wrapped in recyclable paper. With your purchase you also support reforestation projects in Madagascar and Nepal.

Very high in seeds, with a high proportion of fiber and a fine nutty taste. Best of all: 90 percent less carbs than crispbread. An excellent source of protein.

They are organic and vegan, very tasty and a first class source of protein and fibre. Every purchase gives a meal to someone in need.

Category 2: Breakfast

These foods provide a lot of energy, a good mood and the perfect start to the day:

Good-Food-Award 2023

Christian Lohfink

Breakfast category winner

How much caffeine is in your cup today: 75 percent, 50 percent, 25 percent, or 0 percent? This manufacturer decaffeinates naturally and with pure water. In this way, all 800 flavors are preserved. It is very suitable for gradually reducing caffeine needs. It is available whole or in various degrees of grind. Capsules and organic cushions are compostable.

Cashews, raspberries and agave, done. The combination of fruit and nuts guarantees a distinctive taste, and can be used in many ways: for spreading, baking, cooking or adding. All vegan and certified organic, made without refined sugar and palm oil.

Bacon makes a perfect Sunday breakfast, even for everyone at the table now. Because bacon for breakfast is vegan, crispy and delicious, made from wheat protein and without additives. And the protein content is 35 grams per 100 grams. It really doesn’t get any better than this.

Quick and lively drinks or extras with a free glass bottle to mix yourself up – the perfect and sustainable alternative to buying individually bottled shots. They contain only 6 selected organic ingredients: ginger, apple, lemon peel, mango, acerola and turmeric. Immune system boost.

Full nut power, full flavor, success! Made with gently roasted organic peanuts, rolled with organic coconut blossom sugar and a touch of salt. No trace of sugar, additives or industrial fragrance. Simply, heavenly taste in muesli or coffee. And the best part is that the drink also gives the barista optimal foam.

In addition to whole oats, this porridge also contains 5 other healthy, high-fiber organic ingredients. They ensure long-lasting satiety and are therefore the perfect breakfast. All this in a recyclable glass – the product is also convincing in terms of sustainability.

Category 3: Lunch

Fight the evening slump! To be effective in the second half of the day, you need light but noticeable alternatives, here are:

Good-Food-Award 2023

Christian Lohfink

Winner of the lunch category

A mixture of white and red quinoa has been gently steamed. Therefore, it needs to be heated briefly in a pan or microwave and is ready to use, on its own as a side or as an ingredient in bowls or curries. It’s cold in salads. A premium source of protein and fiber, made with only natural, gluten-free and vegan ingredients.

There are many good reasons to reach for this shake: it has 20 grams of protein, no sugar, only plant-based ingredients, gluten-free, creamy, naturally sweet, and requires no refrigeration. This power supplies the body with enough nutrients and energy. Ideal for work, sports or travel.

The perfect combination: eat pasta and do well. Heldenbrot keeps good bread out of the trash and saves resources by replacing 27 percent of the durum wheat semolina with breadcrumbs. The environment is happy.

Taste intense and sweet, creamy, berry and nutty: 10 colorful smoothies made with unprocessed frozen ingredients are available in unusual recipes. This one has blueberries, cauliflower, chickpeas, peanut butter, dates and of course cinnamon. Simply deliver to your home and enjoy.

Lactose-free whole milk flavor: This Greek-style yogurt impresses above all with its creaminess. It tastes great on its own, but also in muesli, with fruit or as the base of a healthy smoothie. In sweet cooking, it can be used as a light alternative to sour cream or fresh cream.

Category 4: Dinner

With these products you can also end the day perfectly in terms of nutrition:

Good-Food-Award 2023

Christian Lohfink

Winner of the dinner category

Little time to cook? No problem, these pancakes are ready in no time in the pan. A tasty combination of vegan alternatives to vegetables and cheese is a complete substitute for meat. Bread for a great bite and with a 39 percent vegetable content, the bumpers look great on any dish.

With this variant, Bitburger proves that the good taste of beer can also be achieved without alcohol. There is no sugar here at all. So the beer succeeds with a low calorie content and a bitter refreshing note. Perfect for anyone who wants to do alcohol but no beer after work.

This alcohol-free alternative proves that alcohol-free rum doesn’t have to be boring. Caramel brings together nutmeg and fine spice. This ensures the typical note of wood on the nose and the characteristic sweetness of sugar cane molasses on the palate. For long drinks and hangover-free cocktails. Come on everyone!

As a snack between meals, as a snack after sports or as a quick breakfast, this little cake tastes good anytime, anywhere. It convinces with 10 grams of protein and little sugar. Its mixture of wheat and oatmeal is also a good source of fiber. So pop in the microwave and bake!

Spicy fillets based on soy and potato protein, chickpeas and beans – delicious! Pros: It’s quick to make, 480 calories and low carbs, but a whopping 32 grams of protein, it’s vegan, and it’s gently frozen. We think: Reason enough to order 7 different containers online immediately.

These 20 food innovations include everything that makes your foodie heart beat faster. The products are valued not only for their taste and ingredients, but also for their sustainability in most cases. Test yourself and pick your winners.

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