Gadgets for the home: These 7 helpers improve your everyday life

Gadgets for the home make everyday life easier.

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These gadgets for the home make life in your own four walls more beautiful and some everyday tasks easier. Cleaning, cooking, washing: many things can be made easier with these assistants, and even a few durable products are included.

A practical gadget for the home: a decorative wall-mounted clothes dryer

Whether you have a large family, a single family or a student home: drying laundry is part of everyone’s daily life. Additional room for this is not always available. With wall dryer puts an end to space-consuming folding frames made of bamboo that spoil the living space. The practical frame and bamboo rods offer space for up to 19 kilograms of laundry or wet towels for a visually unobtrusive and slim folding against the wall. If no laundry needs to be hung, the practical everyday helper can be folded and still looks decorative. Useful as a wardrobe when guests come.

The dimensions of the bamboo folding frame are 60 x 6 x 100 centimeters and the material is very light, so it weighs only 5 kilograms. The frame and wooden bars are not treated. A sustainable plus: bamboo has a good ecological balance and is the building material of the future. In our example, the manufacturer’s bamboo items are still imported from China. The supplier aims to move production to Germany and even process bamboo from local cultivation.

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A towel rail or dryer to attach to the wall

Practical, durable and beautiful: Bamboo wall drying rack.

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Kitchen top: drain mat in slim format

If you keep counting, you will come across an impressive number: A quick rinse because you don’t want to put your favorite glass in the dishwasher is more common in everyday life than you think. Standing in the narrow strip between the wall and the sink is almost regular, but it causes small puddles, water and lime stains and sometimes hygiene problems. A narrow drain mat that fits perfectly into narrow spaces offers a solution.

With drainage mat made of silicone, drying wood and chipboard perpendicular to the wall is no longer a problem – no more annoying sliding. The rib profile mattress is available in light or dark gray and dark blue. It measures 42 x 7 cm and is about 1 cm thick. For cleaning, the kitchen gadget can be put in the dishwasher at home or cleaned under the tap with a brush.

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A narrow drain mat like a dishwasher

Narrow, non-slip and hygienic: the extended drying mat solves the problems of washing dishes at home.


Cook together: the egg timer sounds for more enjoyment

With classical music as your alarm tone, you can cook your breakfast eggs to exactly the desired doneness. Piepei Beethoven. An egg timer, about the size of a medium-sized chicken egg, is best kept in the refrigerator with the eggs. In this way, it can accurately simulate the development of temperature during cooking as it passes through the egg and into the boiling water. Depending on your preference, the eggs are removed from the water with an acoustic signal—in Beethoven’s version, it’s “Ode to Joy,” “Fur Elise,” and “Symphony No. 5″—and then cooked soft, medium, or hard. For other musical requests, the Piepei manufacturer offers numerous options that also stand out visually.

Disadvantage of this funny and useful gadget for the home: Battery determines the life of Piepeis. Unfortunately, the battery is not replaceable, since everything is supposed to be waterproof. Many customers note that because of this, the horn must be replaced after about two years. If you are looking for sustainable household solutions, you should look elsewhere.

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Egg timer for cooking with Beethoven's musical alarm

Egg timer for cooking: As soon as the egg is ready, Beethoven’s music beeps.

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Against the stress of loss: the electronics seeker

stress, let go! If a wallet, eyeglass case, or house key seems to have disappeared for the umpteenth time, it’s not just about finding the object, it’s about finding a solution to a recurring problem. A electronics finder accompanies important everyday items. ‘Friend’ stacks of magazines and more with a loud beep. helps you find things faster, even if they are hidden underneath.

The kit consists of a transmitter that triggers signal tones on two receiver chips at the touch of a button. Its range is about 40 meters. The alarm tone reaches about 75-80 decibels and can be heard through walls, pillows or closet doors. Three button batteries (CR2032) are already included in the kit for operation. Receiver chips can be attached to a key fob using an eyelet or placed in a wallet or similar compartment. Ideal for young parents: This electronic gadget also records the favorite toys of the generation, which should not be lost under any circumstances.

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Key finder with transmitter and two receivers

Find keys and wallet faster with acoustic signal and item finder.

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Save indoor plants: plant sensor with smart app

Indoor plants look cool, comfortable and sometimes downright relaxing. But if you don’t have a green thumb, or if you don’t have the time and leisure to water and fertilize houseplants on time, the green oasis won’t work. Fortunately, there is at least “professional” help that reminds you of these tasks: a plant sensor helps to take better care of green roommates.

With a plant hygrometer sensor and other EC sensors, the test stick measures soil moisture and nutrients and transmits the data wirelessly to a connected mobile phone. The plant monitor also measures light and temperature conditions. The information is checked with the ‘Mi Home’ or ‘Flower Care’ application, and users immediately know what to do: watering, fertilizing or moving to a warmer or brighter place.

A small limitation in practice: Since the sensors are not connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi, synchronization only works when the end device is only a few meters away. Therefore, it is necessary to be present at the site to check the supply status of the plants.

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A plant sensor stick that transmits to a cell phone.

Green fingers: A smart plant sensor helps monitor water and nutrient requirements, as well as temperature and light conditions.

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Hung and ready for delivery: toilet paper storage

It’s often too late: the toilet paper has run out. Annoying moments can be saved if the hygiene tool is stored prominently in beautiful toilet paper holders. With Toilet paper storage for one to four rolls, it is particularly durable and decorative at the same time.

Cotton fabrics of various designs are sewn in such a way that the rolls are fastened on top of each other and hung with tape. It looks decorative and the paper rolls are always available when in current use. Other items such as magazines can also be stored in the holder. Notably regional: The cloth holders are handmade in Germany, not in Bangladesh, China, Pakistan or Indonesia.

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Cloth toilet paper storage

Cloth toilet paper reservoirs never leave the toilet “without”.

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Helpers for the home: mini key safe with number combination

Are the kids or guests standing at the front door, but there’s no one to open the door? It helps to deposit a key that is accessible to everyone so that no one expects it to be lost at the door – but not in a way that unwanted third parties can find and use it. There is no question of a key or a mat under the flower pot. One is safer Mini key safe with combination lock.

A four-digit code opens a small mini safe that can be attached to the wall. It can hold five keys or even a car key. It is best to place it so that anyone who interferes with it is clearly visible from the street. According to the manufacturer, the key case is made of high-strength zinc alloy and heavy-duty stainless steel. Therefore, it is not easy to break or saw open.

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Mini key safe with combination lock

Access for authorized persons only: A practical gadget for the home is a mini key safe that can be opened with a combination of familiar numbers.

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