Eat soup and do good at the same time: income for miserières

Photo: Höcherl/exb

Eating potato soup at Schönsee: Proceeds will be donated to Misserio’s charity

Eating potato soup at Schönsee: Proceeds are donated to Misserio’s charity.

Photo: Höcherl/exb

This soup was eaten with pleasure! This is the conclusion of the 25th Potato Soup Recipe from “Frentref Impulse”. Unlike before in the halls of the Caritashaus, this year the ladies served this classic fasting meal at Pizzeria La Strada. Work in the kitchen, where pizza and pasta are usually prepared, began the day before. Vronie Driver and Betty Wirnshofer worked at the stove on Saturday and Sunday. Immediately after the Sunday morning service, where potato soup could be had, the first guests arrived and so on until just before 1 p.m.

Because the event also allowed for a longer duration, there was a wide selection of cakes for dessert, with which everyone enjoyed a cup of coffee. In a short speech, Pastor Wolfgang Dietz acknowledged the women’s meeting’s commitment to the miserio collection and was pleased with the people’s enthusiasm for this joint meal. Impulse spokesperson Birgit Hocherl thanked all the helpers and supporters

With the 2023 Fasting campaign, Misereor is focusing on women in Madagascar who are driving social change in their society. The proceeds of 975 euros will be made available directly to the bishop’s charity.

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