Duisburg McDonald’s: house ban letter goes viral – “all bad”

To be banned, something violent has to be done. A McDonald’s customer recently accomplished the feat. He is now not allowed to enter any McDonald’s branch in Duisburg.

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But what did he do to deserve that judgment? DER WESTEN followed up at McDonald’s in Duisburg and received an amazing response. First of all: dismissal and expulsion are certainly not without reason.

McDonald’s in Duisburg: House ban letter goes viral

A letter from the fast food giant is doing the rounds on social media. “It’s all bad, who can tell?” A user shares a photo of the letter on Twitter. The client – whose name has been withheld for privacy reasons – received the letter at the end of March.

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“We hereby issue a blanket ban to our four McDonald’s restaurants in Duisburg and the Tiergartenstrasse administration,” he says. “We need to find you again on our premises, we will immediately report your assault to the police.” The letter was signed by the managing director of the franchise branch in Duisburg.

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After an outstanding action, the customer is prohibited from entering the building

At the request of DER WESTEN, the press office of the franchise company issued a statement about the incident. Apparently, there was good reason to ban the house. “Our franchisee informed us that the author of the post stole reusable cups from his restaurant and then tried to return them for a deposit.”

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Due to the attempted fraud, the managing director of Duisburg decided to ban the company. Because the behavior was absolutely not “acceptable”, according to a press spokesperson.

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