Different Cooking – The best Nintendo Switch games for family and company.

When it comes to cooking, most people think of the kitchen first. But in recent years, the culinary trend that can be found on switches, smartphones and the like has spread.

The so-called Cooking Games are about working in the kitchen. From chopping vegetables to washing dishes. Cooking games are not only among the most popular Nintendo Switch games for families, but they are also available on or around smartphones and tablets. Free Games (PC) in German at home. We take a little trip into the world of digital cooking and present the best cooking Nintendo Switch games for family and friends.


Overcooked – Explore the hustle and bustle of the diner’s kitchen

In Overcooked you have to satisfy many hungry customers in the diner kitchen. It starts very quietly here. Wash some lettuce here, fry some onions. But, little by little, more and more requests are coming in. Of course, this also applies to used dishes, which also need to be washed in time. Up to four players can cook together against time. Depending on the level, the atmosphere in which the kitchen or the act of cooking is incorporated changes. We find that Overcooked multiplayer mode Without a doubt, Nintendo Switch is one of the best games for family, friends and friends.

Epic Chef – Become the best chef in the world

In Epic Chef, the player exits In the role of Zesto and begins his journey to become the best chef in the world. It’s not just about the right cooking recipes, it’s about growing and harvesting the right ingredients. You can combine thousands of ingredients and recipes to create the perfect dish. You can also participate in cooking battles and compete with other players to become the ultimate cooking king. Above all, we were convinced by the humorous script and the small Easter eggs in the game.

Cooking Simulator – Realistic cooking in the simulator

While Overcooked or Epic Chef is based on games, Cooking Simulator is a realistic imitation of a real kitchen. Here, the player takes control of the cooking arsenal, including ingredients, tools, and more. Over the course of the game, over 80 recipes can be unlocked, which must be followed to the letter. Cooking Simulator is not only a Nintendo Switch game for family and friends, but is also available for iOS and Android operating systems.

Brewmaster – Immerse yourself in the world of brewing

Attention to detail and the right recipe isn’t just in cooking, it’s also in brewing. With Brewmaster: Brewing Simulator you can learn exactly this art. Because brewing isn’t just brewing beer. Depending on the yeast, barley or hops you add, the drink will of course also change. At Brewmaster you have complete control of your product, from the ingredients to the brewing process to the bottle. Learn the centuries-old art of brewing and become a master brewer on Switch!

Nintendo Switch family games in the cooking genre

Cooking games are especially suitable as a game for the whole family, as they can play and learn together. Because before the little ones try it on real knives and plates, you can learn everything without any problems. And it’s all so much fun!


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