Couple finds rat in soup – photo shows gruesome find at restaurant

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Adding meat to soups, as here, is not uncommon. But the “protein source” one Instagram user claims to have found in her broth definitely has no place in her diet. (symbol image) © Imago

A couple is suing a restaurant after finding a dead mouse in the soup they were served. The restaurant dismissed the claim as “nonsense”.

MUNICH/MANHATTAN – A New York couple was ordering food at a popular restaurant in Koreatown – and found a dead rat in their soup. Victim Eunice Lucero-Lee posted multiple photos and videos of her gruesome discovery on Instagram.

Like Lucero Lee Newsbreak Reports said she and her husband ordered “Sogogi Gukbap,” a hearty Korean beef soup. But with meat, vegetables and rice they found “the most disgusting things in their food”. Now the couple has sued the restaurant.

Disgusting find: The restaurant was found guilty of hygiene violations

During an inspection in January 2023, the restaurant was found to have several alleged hygiene violations. These include a food-contact surface that was not properly washed, rinsed and disinfected after each use, and food, supplies and equipment that were not protected from potential sources of contamination, the reports said. The New York Post.

A Department of Health spokesperson confirmed to the newspaper that an investigation is ongoing. He previously gave the Manhattan location a “C rating” on the agency’s website. However, in a series of Instagram posts on Wednesday, the restaurant denied the claims.

Rats in the soup: Restaurant comments on complaints

“We are open 24 hours, and there are always at least three or four people in the kitchen,” the restaurateur wrote. “As we moved the soup, we served it four times with a ladle while the staff watched. If there was such a big mouse, I would not have ignored it. There is also a video recording of the recording process. We reviewed the whole soup-making process, but we Didn’t find any issues,” the restaurant added.

According to the couple, they are sharing their story to “raise awareness and ensure the right people are held accountable.”

Couple deletes old review after finding rats in soup

Attacks on Asian-Americans in New York have increased in the wake of the coronavirus. In his Instagram post, the man concerned emphasized that he did not want to fuel this hatred with his incident. “We have been going to this restaurant for over a decade and are otherwise proud followers of Asian cuisine and culture. This incident is in no way intended to incite racially motivated hatred or prejudice, and I have a problem with these posts being used to support that narrative.”

The restaurant countered by posting on Instagram that the couple wrote a Yelp review six years ago saying they found a large bug in the takeout soup. “This is a rare experience for most people in their entire lives,” the restaurant wrote. The couple has now removed the rating. Restaurant employees are now asking themselves – why?

Finding a rat in the soup is really nothing but appetizing. Fürstenfeldbruck is provided A mouse in the bathroom for a huge scare. Meanwhile gives Rat plague in Munich Frustration to a kiosk owner – the city wants “Eliminate animals described as large as cats with a special measurement. (Vivian Warg)

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