Convenience: 7-Eleven wants to go to Germany

7-Eleven already has more than 83,000 branches in 19 countries and regions, and now the convenience provider also wants to expand in Western Europe: the brand’s master franchisor, 7-Eleven International, is now looking for franchise candidates in Europe in particular. Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom. Other European countries, such as Austria and Switzerland, are also potential markets.

7-Eleven sees great potential in Germany in particular: the group wants to create a larger range of convenience products with a strong branch network in Germany. An existing retail, catering or hotel business concept and a “passion for comfort food” are essential for franchise partners.

Small area, many screens

“Convenience food is a global trend and a growing market. With a high-quality range of fresh food and beverages, 7-Eleven is already a leader in this segment in Asia and North America. We have recognized that the need for high quality food is also great in Europe. As a result, the European market is now the leading expansion area for the 7-Eleven brand. We want to become the one-stop shop where people can get quality food and drinks quickly and conveniently, no matter how busy their lives are,” said Ken Wakabayashi, Co-CEO of 7-Eleven International.

In Germany, convenience food is a market with great potential: Ozen statesman German sales in this segment are expected to be around 10.53 billion euros in 2023. A market volume of 11.9 billion euros is expected by 2027. This corresponds to an annual growth of 3.1 percent in sales.

Despite German store closing laws, which are very strict in a global comparison, convenience stores are in tune with the spirit of the times, offering many possible applications for digital signage and stand-alone store concepts in a small area. 7-Eleven has already proven this internationally, for example in Japan, Thailand, Australia, Norway and Sweden.


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