Competition from Kaufland, Aldi and Lidl: 7-Eleven is pushing into Germany

With more than 83,000 stores worldwide, 7-Eleven is represented in 15 countries and regions and specializes in convenience food. The Japanese subsidiary of Seven & I Holding is particularly popular in the US, Japan, South Korea, China, Canada and Australia. But the chain also has locations in Northern Europe in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

However, the retail giant has stayed away from the German-speaking market in recent years, at least until now.

7-Eleven is pushing into Germany: competition from Kaufland, Aldi and Lidl

According to a company statement and reportfood diary 7-Eleven wants to expand further and has set its sights on Western Europe. According to the report, the group is particularly interested in locating in the markets of Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom. Switzerland and Austria are also potential markets.

The company seems to be targeting the German market. “Germany’s potential is great,” the statement said. In this country, it is being searched by 7-Eleven food diary already franchised retail, catering or hotel business concepts.

In this environment, 7-Eleven apparently wants to shine with its expertise in small convenience stores, so it could become a problem. KauflandAldi and Lidl, which have also been based on convenience food for years.

The expansion of 7-Eleven: a new convenience player in the German food market

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Expectations are high for the German market in the comfort sector: by 2023, annual sales of 10.53 billion euros are expected in Germany alone. In 2027, the market volume could be loud statesmanEstimates are 11,900 million euros.

“Convenience food is a global trend and a growing market. We recognized that the need for high-quality food is also great in Europe. That’s why the European market is now the leading expansion area for the 7-Eleven brand. It’s a one-stop shop where people can get quality food and drinks quickly and despite their busy lives,” said Ken Wakabayashi, 7-Eleven International Co-CEO, in the statement.

By the way: Aldi is also constantly evolving. Finally, the team he changed his horns and plans one delivery service.

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