Coffee Cake Cookies: Danke Gilmore Girls, danke Instagram

Gilmore Girls is one of those shows you can watch with your spouse/boyfriend/whatever. Of course, you do something in the meantime, like delving into social media, reading, or, in my case, working. Currently, the recipe written by the author is spreading on Instagram
Based on @thepalatablelife series. I can’t say much about the series itself, nor should I. However, I noticed that both baking and cooking played an important role in the series. And the coffee cake cookies from Insta look delicious. And since I’ve never heard of coffee cake cookies before, I’m taking this recipe post as an opportunity to bake a batch once in a while. If you’re reading this, it’s kind of reliving it. You can find out if coffee cake cookies really taste as good as they sound in the last paragraph above the recipe. Wish me luck!

Coffee Cake Cookies: Recipes from our favorite TV shows and movies

Since we are all TV and kitchen nerds, the combination of both passions is of course obvious. With our #geek, we present you our hearty dishes from our favorite movies and TV series. Fans of Emily in Paris will surely be happy with the apple and marzipan cake… another series like this one. not your business? Then this must:

Of course, you don’t have to turn to Gilmore Girls’ Coffee Cake Cookies for coffee and tea or to put delicious cookies on the table for entertaining. Our biscuit and cookie factory (that’s the difference, by the way) also makes other great products like Oreo cheesecake cookies or traditional Chinese walnut cookies. Just bake it…sweet!


Conclusion: Yes, yes. These are awesome cookies!

These are: the palatablelife (@thepalatablelife) • Instagram-Photos and Videos

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Coffee cake cookies from a Gilmore Girls recipe from Instagram on a light background.  Top view.


Thanks to Gilmore Girls for these coffee cake cookies


Thanks to @thepalatablelife and good ol’ Gilmore Girls for these awesome coffee cake cookies!

For the cookie dough

For spraying

For the glaze


  1. First, make the cookie dough. To do this, cream the butter with butter and sugar. Now mix the eggs and vanilla. Knead the rest of the ingredients with butter to make a dough.

  2. Now it’s crumbly: Just knead all the ingredients into a crumbly dough. If the mixture is too oily and moist, add flour one tablespoon at a time.

  3. Shape the cookie dough into 13-15 balls and place on a baking sheet. Make a well in the balls with the back of a tablespoon. Fill these with sprinkles.

  4. Set the oven to 180 degrees and bake the cookies for about 2-10 minutes. Remove from the oven and let cool for a few minutes.

  5. At the end, we mix powdered sugar, milk and vanilla for the glaze and spread it on the cooled biscuits. This is it!

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