Anti-inflammatory kitchen: Three anti-inflammatory recipes

Anti-inflammatory kitchen
Three anti-inflammatory recipes

It tastes good and it’s good for you: lentils with mushrooms and hummus.

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Eating a balanced, mostly alkaline diet has been shown to help fight inflammation. Three sweet examples.

Inflammatory diseases such as rheumatism or arthritis are widespread. The causes are multiple. In addition to genetic factors, diet also plays a key role. research revealedthat acidic foods promote inflammation, while alkaline foods stop it. Salt does not refer to the taste, but to whether or not acid is produced in the metabolism. This is the case, for example, with meat, grains and dairy products or sweets. On the other hand, fruits and vegetables, nuts or herbs have a basic effect.

Saskia Johanna Rosenow experienced in her own body how an alkaline diet can affect well-being: she had recurring inflammation for years until she finally changed her diet. In the book “Anti-Inflammation Kitchen – Finally healthy & fit with alkaline nutrition” (Edel Verlag), this explains what it looks like today. There, he also shares some of his favorite recipes. There are three here.

Warm casserole with fruit for breakfast

Ingredients for two servings: 100 g oats, 1 tablespoon ground almonds, 200 ml cashew milk, 1 ripe banana, 200 g fruit and/or berries (such as apples, raspberries or blueberries), 3 tablespoons apple puree, 2 tablespoons date syrup cinnamon powder, 1 vanilla bean

Preparation: preheat the oven on top and bottom at 200 degrees. Peel the banana and mash it in a bowl with a fork. Stir in cashew milk and applesauce. Fold in the date syrup, cinnamon, vanilla essence and rolled oats. Spread the finished mass in a saucepan.

Wash the fruit, remove if necessary and cut into small pieces. Sort the berries, wash and dry. Spread the fruit and/or berries on top of the mixture and sprinkle the ground almonds.

Cook the casserole in the oven for about 20 minutes and serve warm.

Lentils with mushrooms and hummus

Ingredients for two servings: 200g red lentils, 250g mushrooms (such as mushrooms or shiitake), 150g hummus, 100g rocket, sage leaves, coconut oil, salt and pepper.

Preparation: To make the wraps, soak the lentils in water overnight. Then wash it in a sieve and puree it in a blender with 350 milliliters of fresh water and a teaspoon of salt. Heat a little oil in a pan and fry the dough on both sides on medium heat to form the wraps.

For the filling, wash the mushrooms, dry them and cut them into small pieces. Sort the rocket, wash and dry. Wash the sage and dry it. Heat a little oil in a pan and saute the mushrooms with the sage over medium heat. Season with salt and pepper.

Spread the wraps with the hummus, top with the rocket and mushroom mixture, roll up and serve.

Tahini fudge with raspberries

Ingredients for two servings: 1 handful of raspberries, freeze-dried raspberries (optional), 125 g sugar-free dark chocolate, 100 g tahini, spices to taste (Ceylon cinnamon powder, turmeric powder, freshly ground nutmeg, cardamom powder), sea salt

Preparation: Sort fresh raspberries, wash and dry. Chop the dark chocolate and melt it in a metal bowl over hot water, stirring. Add the tahini and spices and mix well.

Place the raspberries in a silicone mold with individual compartments (such as an ice cube tray). Divide the chocolate tahini mixture between the compartments and sprinkle with salt. If desired, top with crushed and freeze-dried raspberries. Place the mold in the refrigerator for an hour or two until the dough hardens and can be easily removed from the mold.


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