Making a 3D animation will be challenging thing because you need to put a lot of effort to bring out the best product. This 3D animation will bring a lot of changes to the natural image by turning them into an animated format. You can make a 3d character in unity only if you know the perfect ways to animate a model.

How can you animate them?

Two main common things are very useful for the animation model those are blend shapes, skeletal animation.

The process of adding a rig to the animation will give accuracy to the image.


While you are preparing own character you have to be careful about the size and shape of the model. You have to make sure that all the end of the model is perfect.

If you wanted to customize an image then you can make some modifications to it by reducing the length and also the width of the image. When you feel that the image is in its proper size then you can start your animation process.

If you feel like you have committed some mistakes while editing then you can re-edit them in the future also. If you do not have an idea about how to handle them then you can get help from the expert or from the people who are well versed in it and you can follow the steps there provide you.

Finally, you can combine everything into a single position that is where unity comes. You will get to know about it very easily and then in the future, you can start adding your creative knowledge into it.

Final thoughts

This is how you can make the 3D character in unity and also the procedure of how to make the model look realistic and also rich.