3D animation technology has grabbed the attention of the majority of people these days and because of this thing business people are making use of them in their promotions and advertisements. Of course, the 3D graphics can help any business in conveying the brand information and goals to the general audience with the help of special video effects.

But generally, when there is an advantage surely there will be some of the disadvantages of using 3D animation. So before making use of that 3D animation technology for your purpose you have to understand those disadvantages also to avoid the mistakes.

The disadvantage of using 3D animation technology has been listed below, to get to know about it go through the content given below.

Cost of software

3D animation is much popular among this generation of people, so when you think about these 3D animations you can get to know the cost of their software. The 3D animation software is so expensive, it is one of the biggest drawbacks of 3D graphics.

special video effects


The main reason for using 3D animation technology is to attract people or to grasp the attention of the people. In this case, when they are used for product advertisements you should be able to focus on the product but from the 3D graphics, you cannot this. Because in the 3D graphic everything is very sharp they are not like the 2D graphics.

Cause for headache and nausea

The human brain accepts 3-dimensional imaging but when you are seeing the 3D movies through the glasses, it forces you to experience the 3-dimensional effects of the character which appears on the screen. Because of this, some people get to experience the headache and nausea after watching the movie.

Dimmer than normal videos

3D moviesTo watch the 3D movies you will be wearing the glasses, in this case, the glass you wore captures the maximum amount of light and because of this the light that reaching your eyes get dimmer. This is the reason why you cannot experience good light expects as like in the normal or 2D movies.

Digital projectors

The normal projectors in the theatre cannot show you the 3D movies, in this case, the theatres are installing digital projectors to show their audience 3D movies. But the cost of the digital projector is very high and because of this the cost of movie tickets also higher than normal movies displayed in the theatre.

Final words

Everyone knows the advantage of 3D animations but knowing about their drawback is also important this content can help you get knowledge about it.