Generally, people are heard about 2D and 3D animations and motion graphic, and almost everyone at least has a basic idea about these animation versions. The growing technology surprising the human creatures on the daily basis and one of those technological growths are the 2D and 3D animations. Both of these are belonging to animation categories but they are differing from one another in their characters.

To get to know how they differ from one another you have to understand the difference between 2D and 3D animation and to help you in this task here those differences are mentioned below;


What is 2D animation exactly means?

The 2D animations mean the 2-dimensional animations and when it comes to the 2D animations you can alter the two things according to your needs that are height and width of the object which comes on the screen. But the bitter truth is you cannot change the flat appearance of the objects and animations using the 2D animations. This is the main reason why 2D animation usage has become down after 3D has come to use. But still, you can change the color and the movement of the objects using 2D animation.

When the people are looking to create the 2D animated movies, they draw all the characters that they want to appear on the screen, and using the 2D animated software they make the changes and then achieve them through the sequencing process. But this 2D animation has evolved later and the movement of the characters is controlled by the vector-based animation software. But now there are several 2D animation software in the market which is cheaper and faster to make the animated drawings for your animated movies.

2-dimensional animations

What is 3D animation means?

Like the 2D, the 3D animation stands for the 3-dimensional animations and unlike the 2D you can also change the flat appearance of the character or object which appears on the screen. That means along with the height and width you can change the length of the object. If the 2D is considered as square, the 3D is a cube that gives you 3-dimensional animations. The best thing about the 3D animations is you can add realistic visual effects like the texture, lighting effects, and more. In those days, for animation the hand drawing is basic but now with the help of computer software they are doing it, so that makes the process easier and characters look so realistic on screen. When it comes to 2Danimation vs 3D both of them differ in their features.

Final thoughts

The animators and graphic designers are creating the 2D and 3D animations on daily basis and if you are interested in these animations get to know how they are differing from one another.