Texas Tax TRUTH

Do you support putting a state sales tax on groceries? Or a sales tax on visits to your doctor?  Or a sales tax on real estate sales and funerals? Of course not. 

Do you support eliminating local control of your school district, city, and county government in favor of a centralized government in Austin?  No way.

This is why I have started a project called "Texas Tax TRUTH."

TRUTH stands for Texas Republicans Uncovering Tax Hypocrites. 

Recently, many voters across Texas have been called, emailed or mailed by special interest groups touting a tax plan to move to a broad-based consumption tax.


These groups are not truly for lower taxes but are lobbying to INCREASE our STATE SALES TAX and expand it to things that are currently exempt like funerals, healthcare, groceries, real estate and professional services.

They FALSELY claim this would be a "tax offset" for the current school property taxes. But in reality, this would mean HIGHER taxes for most Texans and would make Texas have the highest sales tax in the country, estimated between 15 and 20 percent.

A Bad Idea

Conservative and responsible Republicans in the legislature killed the sales tax INCREASE idea before because it would kill the Texas economy. And it is an equally bad idea today.

We always need to strive to reduce the tax burden on Texas families and businesses, but this flawed plan will only centralize more power at the state level at the expense of local governments and cause Texas to have the highest sales tax rate in the country.

Now you know the TRUTH.

Jim Keffer Signature

Jim Keffer (R-Eastland)
Republican State Representative District 60

As former Republican Chairman of the Texas House Ways and Means Committee, I led the tax reform legislation that reduced the school property tax rate by one-third.